Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm in the middle of a long post on RPGs and story-games, which will (hopefully) be ready for tomorrow night.

Until then, here's some filler:

  • I liked the most recent episode of The Sopranos.

  • I saw Ricky Gervais do his stand-up act at the Theater in Madison Square Garden: maybe it's just the accent, but I though his routine was a bit like Eddie Izzard's, except more offensive and (a lot) more low brow. In other words, exactly my kind of show. I was laughing pretty much non-stop.

  • So, I was doing all this prep-work for a Sorcerer game I want to run and was pretty psyched about what I had come up with. Then I re-read the book and realized that "what I had come up with" was more or less a sketchier version of the default setting from Chapter 7.

  • Random phrases from gaming podcasts*: "His power really came from his political acumen and string-pulling - not his telekinesis." "And then to prove my resolve, I had to keep hitting a guy in a wheelchair in the face, again and again."

  • So, I watched the end of the NASCAR All-Star race Saturday night, and it really seemed like the announcers were pulling for Jimmie Johnson to pass Kevin Harvick. I mean, I was, too, but I'm a Jimmie Johnson fan and no one pays me to provide analysis/commentary/etc. They all seemed disappointed once they realized that Kevin wasn't going to let anyone get by him.

*Quotes not 100% word-for-word, but the original gist remains.

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