Monday, April 23, 2007


The weather here in New York City is wonderful.

Unfortunately, I'm feeling a little depressed - partly because I'm stuck inside working instead of being able to enjoy the weather and partly because my schedule in general is getting to me. It's not that I'm super-busy: I have enough leisure time, but my responsibilities (mostly involving taking care of my dog) limit my choice of leisure activity pretty severely. It's been months since I've been able to play any RPGs and I'm also bummed that I'm not getting a chance to do more blogging/writing.

That's all not too big a deal, but I guess I'm also feeling guilty because I know when my time is limited like this, I tend to be less generous with it and more protective of what down time I do have. I'm less likely to get in touch with friends, for example: even talking to them on the phone begins to feel like an imposition on my free time.

Part of the issue is that I'm, by nature, introverted, but my job requires lots of phone calls and generally dealing with people, so, when I'm not working, one of my highest priorities is to "recharge my batteries", if you will. I think I really do need to spend a certain amount of every day just reading.

Anyway, I don't usually write personal "journal-type" blogs posts, but this one was kind of cathartic. I'm already feeling much better.

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