Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Movie Club?

Talking with a friend on the phone last night, I realized that I now approach moviewatching in a very haphazard and personal manner: more-or-less following my whims when it comes to choosing what to have Netflix send me next, so, for example, I find myself catching up with the recent work of Renny Harlin in between re-watching Fellini and seeing the Kurosawa movies that I was saving for a rainy day. This isn't a bad thing, and, really, it's the way I prefer to do it. My semi-frequent attempts to place anything like a formal structure on my viewing habits (i.e., focusing just on Italian Neo-realism for a month) have always failed.

What I do miss, though, is the community aspect of movie-watching that I had while in college and grad school. Because of this, I'm interested in trying out some kind of blog-based movie club: much less formal and much more low key than a blogathon, but along the same lines. Choose a movie, set up a post about it, and discuss it in the comments section. I'm not sure how much interested there would be in something like this: my past experience has shown that the web is not-so-good for "top down"-organized events, although I know that a gaming message board that I sometimes read did have one successful round of a book club.

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