Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 9 as of 9/9/09

I feel that I'm finally caught up enough with my movie-watching that I can throw out an interim "best list" that (a) doesn't have any filler and (b) took some thought/reflection about what didn't make the cut.

1. Two Lovers (James Gray)
2. Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino)
3. Pontypool (Bruce McDonald)
4. Duplicity (Tony Gilroy)
5. Summer Hours (Olivier Assayas)
6. Liverpool (Lisandro Alonso)
7. Public Enemies (Michael Mann)
8. You, the Living (Roy Andersson)
9. World's Greatest Dad (Bobcat Goldthwait)

Number 10, right now, would be a tie between Beeswax (Andrew Bujalski) and Coraline (Henry Selick).


Sean T. Collins said...

I think you forgot Crank: High Voltage.

Jon Hastings said...

I haven't seen it yet, but based on how much I liked Crank I wouldn't be surprised if it knocks one of these off after I do!

zibalatz said...

wow what in the world is that image from?

Jon Hastings said...

It's from "You, the Living" - a deadpan, absurdist, Swedish blackout comedy.

Here's the imdb page.

There's a subplot/running gag in the movie about an amateur Dixieland jazz band: the pic shows one of the members practicing (his wife is not pleased/supportive of his art).

Jon Hastings said...

I should add that as a lapsed tuba/sousaphone player, this image spoke very deeply to me. ;)

Braccia said...

JW, I didn't know you liked Duplicity so much. Isn't Giamatti hilarious?

Jon Hastings said...

NB - Yes, he is hilarious. I like Duplicity just about as much as I like Michael Clayton. ;)