Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching up...

I've been having fun with my tumblr blog at the expense of this one.

I owe a bunch of responses to comments here as well as some new posts.

Hopefully, I'll get to them over the next few days.


james nostack said...

Jon, is there a particular purpose or function of the Tumblr blog, as distinct from this one?

Jon Hastings said...

The tumblr blog is really just something for me to play around with, whereas I at least attempt to put some thought into my posts here.

So far, most of the stuff on tumblr are youtube videos I got a kick out of (or think my friends & family might get a kick out of) or comments/quotes/links that I mean to comment upon more fully here (at some point).

For instance, I want to write more about that Ebert quote regarding "Cries & Whispers" (topic: my own favorite movies tend not to be movies I'd recommend to someone without reservations).