Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Shows

I kind of like Life, although it is a pretty conventional example of the Wacky Detective (Serious) Show - like L&O: Criminal Intent or Numbers (as opposed to the Wacky Detective (Funny) Show - like Monk or Psych). It's a little like House in that part of the pleasure is just getting to see what kind of line readings Damien Lewis comes up with for some pretty ridiculous lines (lots of stuff about Zen here). But it has some interesting stuff around the edges and it looks to be set up a bit like Veronica Mars: there's a mystery each episode plus an overarching, bigger mystery.

Reaper is amusing, but also sloppy (which probably makes Kevin Smith one of the most consistent directors of all time, since that description could apply to almost everything he's ever done). I don't think it will last, but who knows with the CW.

More CW: I really did laugh a lot during Aliens in America. The first ep is really just set up though, and it will be interesting to see what they actually do with the concept. The actors are all funny, though, especially the two kids.

I watched Carpoolers mainly because I'm a fan of Fred Goss and am still bitter that they not only cancelled the completely unwatched by everyone but me Sons & Daughters but haven't even put it out on DVD. From the previews it looked like a clone of The Office, but it really isn't. It is a pretty standard one-camera sitcom: these used to look "fresh" but now they're all just blending together. (At one point I was a huge snob about this and thought all shows should get rid of the "old fashioned", studio audience, three-camera format. But after a few years of stuff that promised more than it delivered - like My Name is Earl - I find that my favorite sitcom watching moments are all coming from Everybody Loves Raymond episodes). Still, some genuinely funny moments. The funniest stuff is from T.J. Miller, who I guess is some kind of comedian.

I think that's it. I guess I'll check out Pushing Daisies tonight. I'm skeptical that it will be a hit with real people as opposed to people who write about TV, though.

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