Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Right Way

After complaining about those lousy movie previews that give too much of the plot away, it's only fair that I point out this trailer, which, as far as these things go, is just about perfect. I've seen this trailer at the cineplex and audiences really go wild over it.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan - I agree. This preview is great. I can already tell that it isn't the type of movie that I can watch without covering covering my eyes with my coat - but the trailer makes me want to see it anyhow.

kevin said...

That is a good trailer. Although I have always hated the phrase "Bad things happening to good people" since I've yet to meet many good people in my life.

Also Brian Cox is in it and he can ham it up with the best of them (he can also act great as well depending on the director, so he's always fun to watch).

Dick said...

I love this trailer. It's fucking evil, and it gets you all sorts of juiced to see the movie b/c, as you say, they tease the movie's premise instead of revealing it.

Hopefully Wes Craven doesn't hack the shit out of it...I love both of the lead actors.

Anonymous said...

See Jon, I dislike that trailer for the same reason you like it. It doesn't tell me enough about the movie and is actually misleading.

If I hadn't read the synopsis on the film website, I would have went into it thinking it was completely different than it really is.

Jon Hastings said...

I guess I prefer a misleading trailer to one that gives the movie away, especially when it comes to B-movie type thrillers and twisty-turny "surprise" movies.

Jon Hastings said...


When I see a trailer, I'm also more interested getting in the set-up of a movie... cute looking guy turns creepy and attacks girl on a plane... mom wakes up from a nap to find her daughter missing on a plane... than I am in the reasons underlying the set-up. I'm willing to wait for the movie to see the "why".