Friday, May 27, 2005

My First (and Probably My Only) Attempt at "Link Blogging"

I'm having some fun playing around with the Firefox extension StumbleUpon, a "a collaborative surfing tool for browsing, reviewing and sharing great sites with like-minded people" that "helps you find interesting webpages you wouldn't think to search for." This is mildly amusing for me, since I don't really have the right kind of attention span for "websurfing".

So far I've stumbled upon:

-This page of trompe l'oeil street paintings, which reminded me of Timna Woollard's pieces in the John Boorman movie Where the Heart Is.

-A cheerful quote from Jerome K. Jerome: "The shy man does have some slight revenge upon society for the torture it inflicts upon him. He is able, to a certain extent, to communicate his misery. He frightens other people as much as they frighten him. He acts like a damper upon the whole room, and the most jovial spirits become, in his presence, depressed and nervous." (From this page.)

-A philosophy crib page that I would have loved to have had access to when I was in college.

-Some weird, cool web-art for fans of 70s rock album covers.



-Some fun with romance novel covers.

-A page of old-timey mapmakers and their maps.

In case anyone was wondering, this is why I really don't do "link" posts.

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